Algarve Smart Destination

Algarve Smart Destination, is a Digital Innovation Hub, which focuses on creating links and synergies between research institutions, industrial and technological centres, industrial associations, incubators, science and technology parks, industrial companies, technology companies, training institutions, and government agencies.

The ASD has the following objectives:

  • Establish links between technology providers and the technological needs of tourism and smart destinations and cities;
  • Support SMEs in the digitisation process;
  • Improve the use of technology solution to solve problems in tourism and smart destinations and cities;
  • Attract innovative and technological suppliers in the territory, mainly for the tourism sector and smart destination management using ICT and process digitisation;
  • Create a favourable environment for technological development and experimentation;
  • Develop AI and deep learning applied in the tourism sectors and in digital marketing applications. deep learning aplicada nos sectores do turismo e em aplicações de marketing digital.